image shows TV personality Keith Demicoli in the Maltese country side while filming a commercial produced by motion blur

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Stand out with your social media content

Social media, from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok and the myriad of online options has forever changed the way we do marketing. Gone are the days of expensive television advertising and full pages on newspapers. An online presence is a must for any business worth its salt. Most probably, Social media is where your audience hangs out.

Motion blur can help you develop a whole social media campaign or even just a simple video. Video is undoubtedly a powerful tool on social media. It is the most watched and what gets most traction, especially if it revolves around a good story that touches hearts and minds.

Motion blur has a vast experience in creating videos that are way more than just a PowerPoint presentation for a product or other. We write scripts for videos that don't just try to tell what a product is or what it does, but give the audience something back, a story to follow, something that engages, that entertains.

The audience’s time is precious. We need to earn the right to interrupt their day, their few moments they have to relax, moments they have worked so hard to gain. Thus, our videos, our campaigns, don't just try to hard sell a product, they build a brand’s story in a manner that entertains, that enriches their time, that gives something back.

A few of our recent productions

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