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Film your next masterpiece in Malta

Most firms need videos, whether for internal communication, for training, to explain their services to customers or showcase what the company does. Corporate videos may have recently fallen out of fashion, however they remain an effective way to showcase the best your company can offer, to potential investors, share holders and the general public.

Why Malta?

Malta has an enormous variety of indoor and outdoor shooting locations. With 356 churches, rocky and sandy beaches, little towns and villages and a rich history of successors, all leaving their fingerprints in the landscape and architecture. Many European and Arabic influences are to be found creating a unique style for any production!

We can provide you with locations, representing each era in history, from Stone Age temples, over Renaissance palaces to WWI and II relics, from the Industrialisation and the Modern Age of Globalisation and anything in between.

Being located in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta has always attracted visitors from all over the world. Our community of multicultural screen talent still represents that advantage.

A few of our recent productions

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